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Shang Chee Hong founded in Guangzhou

After graduating first in class from Guangzhou Army Medic School(see above picture), Qing Dynasty First-degree scholar Mr. Au Shek Fui decided to practice medicine in Guangzhou and opened a clinic and a pharmacy named Shang Chee Hong. At the time, Shang Chee Hong also sold "Shang Chee Mosquito Coil" and "Shang Chee Beef Flavored Alcohol" made with family recipes. These two products were once very popular in Guangzhou.

Expansion into Chemical Industry
Shang Chee Hong Industrial Chemicals set up shop on Guangzhou Yide Road

As Shang Chee Hong pharmacy continued making profit, Mr. Au Shek Fui took the opportunity to expand Shang Chee Hong brand, opening two more stores: one in Guangzhou focusing on industrial chemicals, another in Hong Kong focusing on medical equipment. Later, Mr. Au Ci Ki (see above picture), Mr. Au Shek Fui's second son, inherited the Shang Chee Hong Industrial Chemicals store.

The Best of Times
Became exclusive distributor for multiple international chemical industry companies

As Mr. Au Ci Ki is fluent in English, he was able to quickly establish strong relationship with multiple international chemical companies, including US-based Mobil corporation and UK-based Bush Boake Allen. Mr. Au Ci Ki also appointed his 20-year old eldest son Mr. Au Kin Yip (see above picture), who started working full-time at Shang Chee Hong at 9, to be the general manager. The father-and-son combo worked together tirelessly to build Shang Chee Hong Industrial Chemicals into one of the leading companys in Guangzhou chemical industry.

Restarted in Hong Kong
Relocated to Hong Kong and renamed to Tai Shing Hong

Since 1949, the anti-capitalist mindset and policies in China had forced many businesses into exile. After suffering torture and humiliation for simply being businessmen, Mr. Au Ci Ki and Mr. Au Kin Yip decided to relocate to Hong Kong and renamed the business Tai Shing Hong. The first shop was opened in Hong Kong Sai Wan Pak Tsz Lane.

Shifting Strategy
Focused on developing the food flavoring and coloring industry


Restarting Tai Shing Hong

Due to long-term illness, Tai Shing Hong founder Mr. Au Kin Yip had not been involved in the operation for over 10 years. Before the passing of Mr. Au Kin Yip, his grandson Michael made a promise to Mr. Au Kin Yip to take up the mantle to restart Tai Shing Hong and keep the legacy of Tai Shing Hong alive.The old Tai Shing Hong had dissolved by law with the passing of Mr. Au Kin Yip, but Michael has started Tai Shing Hong Corporation Limited to carry on the Tai Shing Hong Flavors & Colors brand and aims to modernize the company while continue providing great quality and healthy food flavors and colors to the public.

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